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Indian Recycled Metal Bowls

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We're carrying more products from India, including metal bowls on this page from two different artisan workshops.
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Also, we invite you to browse our new recycled metal photo frames, and Indian Christmas Ornaments in a variety of styles.

"Word Bowls"

Head of the workshop where these word bowls are crafted in India.

Noah's Ark International, a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1986, provides help to about 100 artisan groups, involving more than 600 people.

Their objectives include informing artisans about fair and safe working conditions and helping them achieve improvements through grants; helping to educate artisans' children, ensuring that all workers are given a suitable price or wages for their work, which may be 10-15% above the minimum wages of the state; ensuring that women are paid equally to men and that their dignity is honored; and discouraging child labor by not buying goods from artisans where child labor is seen.

The metal bowls below are crafted at the workshop of this father of 4 children who has become successful enough in his work to employ 12 men. He lives next to his workshop, and Noah's Ark International sends a teacher to his home so it becomes a local classroom.

Hand Crafted Recycled Metal "Word Bowls

Express your sentiments in your home decor, or give your friends and family the bowl that best suits their loves and personality. These 11" diameter bowls are individually created. Just about everyone can benefit from another bowl around the house, be it for decoration or a place to stash receipts, mail, etc.

Cat Meow bowl crafted from metal in India. Fair trade.

The Cat's Meow Bowl


If you're a "cat person" (like our web manager), you'll want one of these! And who doesn't have a friend who considers their cat to be their fur-child?

[...and remember - dogs have owners, cats have staff! ] :-)

Woof dog bowl crafted from metal in India. Fair trade.



Man's best friend deserves a WOOF recycled metal bowl in their owner's house. This is a great present for all of the dog lovers on your gift-giving list. No need to worry about breed-specific designs; all dogs have a "woof".

Noah's Ark also has a project to provide pure drinking water in artisan workshops; water pollution from raw sewage and rain runoff of pesticides is a problem in India - tap water is not potable throughout the country and natural resources are being challenged by India's large and increasing population.

Love bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.



Show your love for someone with this metal bowl that says Love Love Love over and over; they'll get the message. Will you be attending a wedding sometime soon? Use the LOVE bowl as a foundation for a gift basket with a collection of little items to help the happy couple in their new home, starting their lives together.

Peace metal bowl crafted in India. Fair trade.



Last on this list but certainly not least is PEACE! Use this bowl in your house as a reminder to maintain perspective on what's important in your life and in the world. As with each of these bowls, your purchase will help the cause of peace through helping people around the world, one artisan and their family at a time.

Enlargement to show detail of the Cat's Meow metal bowl crafted in India.

Closeup detail
of the decorative
"MEOW" Indian bowl.

Mantra Bowls

Om bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.

OM Symbol Bowl


Om (Aum), the sacred tone used at the beginning and the end of the reading of the Vedas and prior to any prayer or mantra. This representation of all of the manifest and un-manifest characteristics of the divine would make a great center piece or a gift for a friend.

Gayatri Mantra bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.

Gayatri Mantra Bowl


One of the most ancient and highly revered mantras to continue resonating through the sands of time, the Gayatri Mantra, is embedded into this recycled metal bowl to help keep its rhythm beating in our hearts. Originally written in Sanskrit, translations of this mantra are varied. We prefer this interpretation,

"We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance;
May He enlighten our Intellect

Wiki...For more information on the mantra

YouTube...To listen to the mantra

Omnamo bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.

Om Namo Mantra Bowl


A good mantra to initiate meditation, the Om Namo mantra sings out our oneness with the Divine in repetition to help to balance the spirit into a receptive state. Originally written in Sanskrit, translations of this mantra are varied. We prefer this interpretation:

"I am one with the Divine light."

Swami...For more information on the mantra

YouTube...To listen to the mantra

Abstract Bowls

Star Burst Bowl


An attractive center piece on any table, this star burst bowl would make a good present for a friend or a nice addition to your home. Add some spark to your life and help the artisans in India build a better community at the same time.

Star Burst bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.

Oak Leaf Bowl


This oak leaf bowl would make a nice complement to any setting. Made from recycled metal, this bowl would be a great way for you to show your adoration of the environment.

Oak Leaf bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.

Leaf & Twig Bowl


The leaf and twig bowl is a great use of recyclable metal. Show your support for the environment and for the artisan community where this bowl was crafted.

Twig and leaf bowl crafted in India from recycled metal. Fair trade.

Recycled Bike Chain Bowls

Recycled bicycle chain metal bowls crafted in India.

Recycled Bicycle Chain Bowls
How fun are these!? Also assisted by Noah's Ark International, this Indian artisan group crafts decorative and practical recycled metal bicycle chain bowls in 3 sizes. They nestle together well, if there's ever a time you're not using them all. Bowl diameters range from about 9" to 12".




9.25" diameter, 3" high

(Sorry - out of stock.)




10.25" diameter, 3.25" high

(Sorry - out of stock.)




12" diameter, 4" high

(Sorry - out of stock.)

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