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Welcome to our Clearance Page, where you'll find lots of socially and environmentally beneficial products at a fraction of their original price!

We may have purchased too many, altered the design, the producer group may not want to make this item anymore, it might have been a sample or a prototype, ... lots of reasons.

We suggest that you periodically check back to see what's new. Please note that photos are not shown to size - use the sizing information listed with the items.
(Note to wholesale customers - clearance items may or may not be available for wholesale purchase. Pricing may be different from our usual wholesale pricing scheme. Contact us for specifics.)

Loofah from Ecuador

Bouquet of Loofah Flowers for that special someone.

A Bouquet of Flowers that Really Lasts!

Set of 3 Loofah Flowers   NOW $9.00

Temporary Price Reduction to $8.00

Want to cheer someone up and tell them that you care? Or perhaps you are looking to brighten up your office or home with flowers but don't want to worry about watering them.

You'll love this bouquet of 3 loofah flowers, crafted from loofah in a cloud rainforest in Ecuador. You'll receive the bouquet in a floral cellophane bag, topped off with a raffia bow. Each flower is about 10-11" in length and the flowers are about 4-5" in diameter.

At this low price, you can afford more than 1 bouquet! The flowers come in a variety of colors. (See below for a few more examples.)

More examples of loofah flower colors.

Loofah worker holding loofah without pulp and standing next to the loofah vegetable. We know that you can buy loofah products from large manufacturers, but when you buy these products, you'll be helping to save our rainforests.

What is Loofah?
Loofah is the green vegetable the the left of the man that looks like a very large zucchini. The loofah is stomped or smashed and put into a vat of water to soak. Then workers shake the pulp out, creating loofah as we know it (what the man is holding).

The Loofah Project is a social and environmental improvement project designed to preserve Rainforests at the bottom of the Andes mountains in Ecuador. This project provides alternative incomes for farmers to reduce their economic incentive for selling wood from the rainforests.

Loofah Wallet and Small loofah cosmetic bag.

Unique and imaginative uses of this natural vegetable fiber! Flaps are held closed with a generous piece of Velcro.

(left) Small Cosmetic Bag
[LO403]     5.25" x 7.5"
WAS $12.50

NOW $11.00

Temporary Price Reduction to $10.00

(right) Wallet
[LO402]     4.5" x 7"
WAS $9.00

NOW 8.00

Temporary Price Reduction to $7.00

Natural loofah purse from Ecuador. Loofah and Cotton Purse

This hand-made purse comes complete with a loofah divider to keep all your things accessible. Carefully lined with cotton, edged with cotton, with a cotton shoulder strap.
[LO401] 8" x 9.5"
WAS $22.00

Now 19.50

Temporary Price Reduction to $18.00

Loofah Slippers from Ecuador

Loofah is a nitrogen-fixing plant that looks like a large zucchini before it is processed. The Loofah Project helps farmers and other workers in the Manduriacos Gran Valley, and seeks to have this area be a buffer zone between destruction and rainforest areas.

Child's and Baby loofah slippers.

Child's and Baby Loofah Slippers with Colorful Diamond Design   [LOO304]

These loofah slippers are just adorable to see with their bright colors.
Originally $13.50

Now $9.00

Temporary Price Reduction to $8.00


Woman's loofah slipper on clearance from Ecuador.

Women's Loofah Slippers with Colorful Stripes   [LOO303]

Stripes are available in a variety of cheerful colors.
Originally $15.00

Now $10.00

Temporary Price Reduction to $9.00

They're available in Women's Large, Medium and Small sizes.


Medium, small and extra small Crazy Birds made with burlap and jute from Bolivia.

Bolivian Jute and Burlap Animals

These "Crazy Birds" are crafted from burlap and jute in Bolivia, and are as cute as can be. They're great as a computer or desk ornament. They're not, however, toys for young children. Add a conversation piece to your office area - you can't help but smile when you see them!



4.5" high

Was $7.50
NOW $6.80

(Note to wholesale customers - clearance items may or may not be available for wholesale purchase. Pricing may be different from our usual wholesale pricing scheme. Contact us for specifics.)

Hand-Carved Soapstone from Kenya, Africa

Soapstone hearts on clearance.

Soapstone Hearts - second quality
Some of the soapstone hearts from our last shipment were not up to our quality standards, so we're offering them at a 25% discount. They may have just a small scratch, or the minerals from the natural stone are showing through, or there may be some smudges. Generally speaking, at least one side is in good shape and the other side can be the down side. For example, the Red Speckled example shown (left) has the worse side showing - there are fewer smudges on the other side.
Shown here are the Pink Flowers (sorry - sold out), Red Speckled (available in Large) and the Tribal Split Heart (available in Large and Small). These are representative examples of the types of imperfections these clearance items will have.

Large Imperfect Hearts




Small Imperfect Hearts




tribal star heart. Red heart on heart - first quality.

Tribal Star

Red Heart on Heart

(Note that these photos are of first quality hearts; the clearance hearts will have some more imperfections.)

Tagua Nut Inca Design Pendants from Ecuador

Lion etched on Tagua Nut slice - Pendant.

Lion [209-LN]

Bird tagua nut pendant.

Bird [209-BI]

(Sorry - Bird gone.)

Tagua Nut Inca Pendants
WERE $11.00

NOW $9.00

Temporary Price Reduction to $8.50

Design Choice

Dragon tagua nut Pendant - Inca design.

Dragon [209-DR]

Dog tagua nut pendant.

Dog [209-DO]

Gourd Zoo Animals Carved in Peru

Individually hand-crafted in Peru, these Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Gorillas and more had been $16.50 each and now are just $13.25 each. You save $3.25.

Temporary Price Reduction to $12.00

Elephant, Rhino, and hippo.

Elephant, Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus

gorilla and mandril.

Gorilla and Mandrill

Tiger, lion and leopard.

Tiger, Lion and Leopard

turtle and panda.

Turtle and Panda Bear

Gourd Zoo Animals    WERE $16.50

NOW $13.25

Temporary Price Reduction to $12.00

Gourd Choice:

Indonesian Kitchen Utensils

Palms are an abundant plant resource, supplying food, drink, oil, fuel, handicrafts, clothing, cosmetics and building materials. When the trees age and are no longer able to provide other resources, they are harvested for wood.

These attractive products are crafted in Indonesia out of a conscious concern for both the environment and Indonesian peoples.

Cooking and Serving Implements

Salad Servers - Modern Style

(not shown)


Coconut Palm

WAS $36.00



Black Palm

WAS $36.00

NOW $31.00


Indonesian Salad Servers - Modern Style.


Salad Servers - New Era Style

(top: shown tied together)


Coconut Palm

(Sorry - sold out.)

(bottom: shown separated)


Black Palm

WAS $36.00

NOW $28.00


Salad Servers - Standard Style

(top: shown tied together)


Black Palm

WAS $27.00

(Bottom coconut palm color not available; photo there so you can see the pieces more clearly)

NOW $23.00

salad servers - standard style.

Spatulas and Tongs

Pasta Serving Spoons

(Black shown,
but out of stock)


Coconut Palm

WAS $30.00

NOW $26.00


Insect Shadowboxes

beetles.We're discontinuing the Insect Shadowbox line. Here's a link to our Bug Clearance page. For most of these shadowboxes, we only have 1 left.

We've reduced the price slightly, but you'll receive additional savings since we will only be charging our normal shipping amount based upon purchase amount (see table below). Previously we would calculate the shipping amount based upon the weight of the shadowbox and all the packaging required.

Nappi Balata Figurines

We have multiple pages of Nappi Balata hand-sculpted figurines of animals and native scenes on clearance sale for you. Learn more at the main Nappi Balata page. You may purchase securely on-line on the Nappi Prices page.

(Note to wholesale customers - clearance items may or may not be available for wholesale purchase. Pricing may be different from our usual wholesale pricing scheme. Contact us for specifics.)

Glass Bead Chokers from Guatemala

Creating this bead work jewelry has revolutionized the lives of women and young girls in Guatemala's Highland village, Santiago Atitlán.

Most Mayan families work in agriculture and live in small villages. They own or rent tiny plots of land on which they raise food for themselves, and possibly enough additional to sell for cash income. But most plots are too small to sustain a family.

The women artisans make glass bead products with the support of MayaWorks, a non-profit volunteer organization. MayaWorks believes that an educated woman brings stability to her family and hope to her community.

A Note about Inventory!

We'll periodically delete items from this page when inventory is depleted. But it's quite possible we won't be able to update this right away.

If you order something on-line, but we've run out, we'll email you. You can apply your payment towards another item, or we'll refund your payment.

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