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Since 1992 One World Projects been importing and selling products with positive impacts on the environment and people to museums, nature stores, resort and theme parks, botanical gardens, zoos, catalogs, and gift stores throughout the U.S. really cute rain forest tree frog.

You'll find numerous product lines displayed here from many countries, including Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Mali, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, India, Colombia and Thailand. We hope you'll explore, shop, and learn more about the sustainable uses of renewable natural resources and the artisans who craft products from them.

Wholesale buyers may contact us for any items seen here and to inquire about our other products. Prices shown are suggested retail prices, except for craft supplies such as raw tagua nuts. Please see our Contact page for more wholesale information.

Retail customers are encouraged to shop at the stores that carry our rainforest preservation products, or tell stores about them. Our low wholesale minimum order amount will be attractive to your local stores. You may also purchase these Fair Trade products directly from us. Our Contact page has full information on the different ways to order.


If you're looking for Fair Trade items like huipil cell phone bags, glass bead keychains, hats, Guatemalan and Afghan laptop sleeves, scarves and shawls, this is the place to be.

For purses, handbags and totes, there are lots of options, including gourd purses from Peru, recycled tire purses, wallets, etc from El Salvador, recycled plastic totes woven by disabled Indian women, Indian shoulder bags, African mudcloth bags, Guatemalan huipil bags, as well as a wide variety of other Guatemalan cotton bags of all sizes.

Here are photos of just a few of the accessories from around the world for you.

Accessories collage of Fair Trade gifts.
scarves and shawls African mudcloth bags. Recycled plastic totes from India. Guatemalan huipil totes and bags. Afghan Chappan Bag Recycled tire totes. Recycled tire totes. Indian cotton totes. Guatemalan totes, change purses of many sizes. Guatemalan huipil totes, cell phone bags and handbags. Afghan Mirrored Bag Hats. Recycled tire and indigo totes.


We have an amazing collection for you! See nativity sets from Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia that are crafted from pottery, hand-woven cloth, gourd, stone, corn husks, and orange peels.

Greeting cards are from 3 countries and sustainable materials.

Christmas Ornament options abound, with a huge selection of Peruvian gourd ornaments. You'll also want to check out ornaments of recycled blown glass, recycled metal and other material ornaments from India, tagua nut ornaments from Ecuador, hand-woven cloth ornaments from Guatamala and cloth ornaments from Thailand.

Christmas collage. glass bead ornaments from Guatemala. Handmade Cloth Guatemalan ornaments. tagua nut (vegetable ivory) from Ecuador. Recycled glass from Guatemala. Indian ornaments - many are recycled. Cards from India, Rwanda and Peru. Nativities from Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia. Orange Peel ornaments from Colombia. Gourd ornaments from Peru. Sisal ornaments from Rwanda, Africa.


Samburu Kenyan beaded table settings. Many of our dining and kitchen items are from Guatemala. Hand loomed cloth is transformed into aprons and wine bags, and a wine butler / wine vest is a great holiday party present.

If aromatic coasters and hot pads are more up your alley, we've got them, too. The beautiful wooden salad servers (shown below) help a village in Guatemala make a living by crafting high quality wooden objects from one tree a year, whereas they used to clearcut 5 hectares a year.

If you're looking for something really special for your table this year, check out the beaded Samburu table setting for 6 people (shown right) On sale while supplies last for $350. Kenyan women worked very hard to create a beautifully set table for you.

Dining, kitchen products. Guatemalan wine bags. Wine Vests / wine butlers from Guatemala. Salad Servers from Guatemala. Guatemalan aromatic coasters. Guatemalan Aprons.


No reason to have a drab or uninteresting home after you see what Fair Trade decorative pieces we have in stock. Your floors will perk up under handmade felt rugs from Afghanistan. Tame the inevitable home or office clutter with baskets from around the world, or decorative boxes. Our boxes are crafted from Peruvian gourds, glass beads from Kenya, Kenyan soapstone and wood painted in El Salvador or wood painted by youths in Bolivia.

In addition you can add mirrors crafted by reusing materials and a wide variety of gourds.

Fair Trade home decor. Gourds - owls, birds, many designs - from Peru. Wooden boxes from El Salvador. Pine Needle Baskets. Kenyan soapstone boxes. Rwandan woven baskets. Gourd boxes from Peru.  Many styles! Kenyan beaded bowls. Bells - from Afghanistan and India. Ceramic animals, including the popular chickens. Mirrors. Painted bolivian boxes help boys. Afghan rugs.


Engage a friend in a great game of chess on our rainforest preservation "Birds of the World" tagua nut chess set. Jackfruit trees produce a vitamin-rich fruit, and when the trees age and production lags, the trees are cut down and wooden percussion instruments we call "Bops" are carved, yielding more income to the local people. Our "tummy pets" are both a cotton stuffed animal and a warming pad. Cute plush monkeys (toys, scarves and puppets) help save real monkeys from wildlife trafficking. And don't forget that the Accessories section has alpaca baby hats and acrylic knit kids' hats.

Games, Kids, Music. Guatemalan tummy pets. Make your Own kits. Jackfruit wood percussion animals from Vietnam. ceramic piggy banks from Ayacucho, Peru. Chess sets - carved tagua nuts from Ecuador. mud cloth animals from Mali, Africa. Plush animals help wildlife trafficked animals in Colombia. Gourd bobble head animals from Burkina Faso.


Recycled metal fish art from Haiti. Just about anything on our site is a great gift, but we think these are especially good. Recycled metal art from Haiti (right) helps a very poor country and adds great color to your walls. Also from Haiti are new soapstone figures that we know you'll want to see.


Excellent options for purchasing jewelry for yourself and friends are quite numerous! Orange peel bracelet from Colombia. Bracelets and earrings from caña flecha, a palm from Colombia, are lightweight and always popular. How many folks have orange peel jewelry (right)? We do, and so can you! Afghan stone jewelry.

We're especially proud of our semi-precious stone jewelry (left), handcrafted by Afghan women. You may be familiar with tagua nuts, also known as "vegetable ivory" and we have a wide variety of tagua nut necklaces and earrings.

Want more options? How about metal bangle bracelets from India, rainforest Shipibo seed necklaces and bracelets from Peru, Colombian seed jewelry, and Aztec wood pins and earrings. And that's not even the entire list, so browse the jewelry section to check everything out.


pillar candles from Guatemala.

You live in a busy world with lots of demands, but you should take time to treat yourself well. Candles from Peru and Guatemala can help ease your tensions.

Yoga can also be helpful, and so we offer handmade yoga mat bags. organic chocolate covered dried goldenberries.
Chocolate and brazil nuts from Peru. Surely you've noticed that the world always looks better when you're eating some chocolate! Try our organic chocolate covered brazil nuts (left), and your web manager's favorite - organic chocolate covered dried goldenberries (right)!

We're in the process of updating this page, and we will have more product photos from the Gifts, Jewelry, and Pamper Yourself sections here shortly. Until then, here's a bit of information on a couple more products you might like.

Colombian yoga figures and animals - cotton wrapped wire.
Cotton Wrapped Wire Figures from Colombia
Yogi figures can be shaped into many positions, plus a variety of animals, such as snails, lions, giraffes, elephants...

artisan with bags and a bogobag from Mali, Africa.
Mud Cloth Bags from Mali, Africa. Traditional mud cloth (bogolan or bògòlanfini) are transformed into a variety of bags.

Corn husk and orange peel Christmas ornaments and nativities - fair trade.
Christmas Ornaments from around the world await you! They're crafted from a wide variety of materials, such banana leaves, orange peels, ceramics, tagua nuts, stone, sisal, coal, recycled glass, recycled metal, hand woven cloth, natural gourds, glass beads and straw.

certified wood - carved doves from Bolivia.
Certified Wood Carvings
from Bolivia. Beautiful herons, doves, toucans, woodpeckers.

seed jewelry from Colombia helps disadvantaged youths and the environment.

Contemporary Seed Jewelry from Colombia

During a recent trip to Colombia, we found a great workshop that helps disadvantaged youths by providing them with economic opportunities. Check out these contemporary jewelry designs! They were a real hit at a recent trade show, so order yours now.

Some vetiver products.

Baskets, Trays, Bowls, Planters & more from Haiti!

Renewable resource materials such as sisal, vetiver, palm, vines, straw, and banana leaves are finely crafted into both decorative and functional items for your home or for gift-giving. Vetiver is especially good for the land.

The people of Haiti really will appreciate you helping them make a living through the use of renewable resources.

Soapstone carvings from Kenya - hearts, candle holder, AIDS tea light.

Soapstone Carvings from Kenya

Tea lights, candle holders, boxes, statues and a beautiful assortment of hearts -- all carefully carved from soapstone by villagers in Kenya, Africa.

The local peoples directly benefit from your purchases since they're responsible for the mineral collection, carving and finishing.

Coal pendant carved in a -raindrop- design.

Coal Carvings from Colombia

Hand-carved and etched coal pendants and Christmas ornaments provide economic relief for boys and young men in Colombia, so they don't have to go into unsafe Colombian mines to earn money for their families. We have quite a few different designs of pendants, and a beautiful peace dove.

Mayan Sun design - coal pendant from Colombia.

Brazil Nut candles from Peru.

Candles from Peru and Guatemala

(left)   Brazil Nut shells are collected from the Amazon rain forest with the support of Candela Peru. You'll enjoy this excellent re-use of renewable rainforest resources. Lead-free wicks. Lots of fragrances from which to choose.

(right)   From Guatemala, we now have pillar candles in 3 sizes, artistic ceramic candle holders and spiral tapered candles. All are created by a family-owned business.

Pillar candles from Guatemala.

Shipibo rain forest seed jewelry - bracelets and necklaces from the Amazon.

Shipibo Rainforest Seed Jewelry

Bracelets and Necklaces from the Amazon

These beautiful necklaces and matching bracelets are created from seeds. Trees and plants create many more seeds than can actually sprout and take root, so this jewelry helps the Shipibo Peruvian people make a fair living without harming any trees.

You'll love the many styles and colors that are available.

Tagua Nut
Figurines, Jewelry, Chess Sets, Christmas Ornaments & Boxes

Called "Vegetable Ivory" because the nut's interior is very hard and ivory colored, our Tagua Nuts are sustainably harvested in Ecuador.

tagua nut sparrow.

Tagua Nut Figurines
We offer a very wide selection of tagua nut figurines of birds and animals, all individually hand-carved from sustainably harvested tagua nuts. Some tagua nut carvings are small, and are the work of carvers just starting out, so that they can contribute to their work group. Other figurines are very detailed works of art.

From the main tagua page link above, you'll be able to see pages of coastal creatures, birds, domestic animals, safari animals and more.

polar bear hand-carved from tagua nuts.

Mouse crafted from reuse of metal parts.

"JunkYard Critters"

Very cute sculptures crafted through the reuse of metal parts! See creatures such as Ants, Butterflies, Crabs, Dragons, Dragonflies, Mice (photo left), Praying Mantis, Scorpions (photo right) and Spiders.

Scorpion crafted in Viet Nam from metal scrap parts.

We're continually adding product photos and new product lines for your online viewing. Bookmark and come visit us again soon! You might want to check our "What's New on Your Web Site?" page on a regular basis.

You'll see hundreds of different fair trade, socially and environmentally responsible products here on our web site.

If you are looking for something but you don't see here, please contact us. We have even more gifts in our warehouse!

Please check our What's New page frequently.

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