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Puzzles are great for people of almost all ages, even if the puzzle is just used as a decorative sculpture. As with any puzzle or toy, children should be supervised appropriately - these are not designed for young children. The woods used on this page are either recycled scraps or are certified sustainable.
Indian Puzzle Boxes  |  Bolivian Puzzles

Indian Wooden Puzzle Boxes

Dolphin wood puzzle box crafted in India from wood scraps.

Wooden Puzzle Box


Did you know that dolphins have very acute eyesight, and that their living group is called a 'pod'? This puzzle box depicting a dolphin leaping above the water's surface will be right at home living in your home or office.

Outside: 7" x 3" x 1.75"
Inside: 3.75" x 2" x .75"

(Sorry - out of stock.)

Noah's Ark International Exports is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides resources to 100 artisan groups across India. Noah's Ark ensures that fair wages are paid, helps improve working conditions through education and grants, offers free classes in capacity building to its network of 600 artisans, and provides quality controls.

Besides creating jobs for artisans, Noah's Ark also finances health, education and sanitation projects that benefit the community. For instance, water pollution from raw sewage and rain runoff of pesticides is a huge problem in India, rendering much tap water undrinkable for the country's large and increasing population. By addressing issues at a local level, Noah's Ark does its part to improve the living conditions of Indian artisans.

NOTE that all of the puzzles are displayed below in their dismantled states so you can view the inside compartment and see the puzzle complexity!

   Puzzle Box


Every cat 'owner' knows
that cats run the show.

Our 4-piece Indian cat
puzzle box will show
that you're a cat lover.

Outside: 3.5" x 5" x 2"
Inside: 2.5" x 3.25" x .75"
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Wooden cat puzzle box, crafted from wood scraps in India.

From wooden scraps appears a frog puzzle box carved in India.

Wooden Puzzle Box


Carved from scraps of wood in India, this frog creation is going to be a hit with all the frog collectors on your shopping list. The frog puzzle consists of 9 pieces!

Outside: 4" x 6" x 2"
Inside: 2 compartments at .75" x 2.5" x .75" (these compartments are smaller than those of the other puzzles)
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Butterfly puzzle box crafted from wood scraps in India.

Wooden Puzzle Box


Butterflies mostly feed on flower nectar, but this wooden puzzle box requires no feeding, nor will it flutter away. A cheerful decoration, you'll be helping artisans in India earn a living for their families.

Outside: 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.75"
Inside: 3.75" x 2.5" x .75"

Turtle puzzle box crafted from wood scraps in India.

Wooden Puzzle Box


We hope you'll be speedier than a turtle when you take this box apart and put the 5 pieces of the puzzle back together!

Outside: 6" x 3.25" x 1.75"
Inside: 2.75" x 2.75" x 1"
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Elephant puzzle box crafted from wood scraps in India.

Wooden Puzzle Box


One of the largest land mammals, elephants are mostly threated by mankind, via hunting and habitat loss. Elephants are herbivores, and need large areas of forest from which to eat. Scrap pieces of wood are utilized to create these elephant puzzle boxes. In Asian cultures, elephants are a symbol of wisdom.

Outside: 4.25" x 3.75" x 2"
Inside: 3" x 2.75" x .75"

(Sorry - out of stock.)

Views of the Indian wooden puzzles when taken apart

Cat puzzle - dismantled. Frog puzzle - dismantled.



Turtle puzzle - dismantled.


We have plenty of other products from Noah's Ark in India, including bangle bracelets, an assortment of Christmas ornaments, mirrors, picture frames crafted from bicycle chains, recycled metal "Word Bowls," plus bowls from recycled bike chain, and these puzzle boxes handmade from discarded wood scraps. In addition, please see Indian cloth tote bags.

Bolivian Puzzles

Ecowoods Helps Youth Put the Pieces Together

While you have fun putting together these high quality, 3-dimensional wood puzzles, you can also feel good about how they were created.

Ecowoods works with young artisans in La Paz, Bolivia who are economically disadvantaged and lack the education to find employment in a difficult job market. Young adults, both men and women, who are fortunate to find their way into the Ecowoods' program receive valuable on-the-job training.

Each is paid an excellent wage, and many save money to further their education while developing their woodworking skills.

These puzzles are crafted from scraps discarded by larger companies who are sourcing their wood from a sustainable conservation program. The ecological finish is made from natural linseed and eucalyptus oils, and bees wax.

7" long, 4" high, 1.5" deep
(Sorry - the bear is out of stock.)

6" long, 3.75" high, 1.5" deep

7" long, 4" high, 1.75" deep

Bear, Cow, Pig, Rhino, Stegasaurus
$20.00 each

Choose Animal:

8" long, 4" high, 1.5" deep
(Sorry - the rhino is out of stock.)

Stegosaurus  ECW:3DPZL-STEG
9" long, 4" high, 1.5" deep
(Sorry - the stegosaurus is out of stock.)

Each puzzle has a small dowel for eyes -- remove that piece and magically you can pull the other pieces apart!

These puzzles would make a great desk display for your office, or an environmentally friendly decorative piece for a bookcase or mantle. The puzzles are not designed for young children.

Tropical Fish Bolivian 3D wooden puzzle.
Tropical Fish  ECW:3DPZL-FISH
6" long, 4" high, 1.75" deep
(Sorry - the fish is out of stock.)

Horse 3D wooden puzzle from La Paz, Bolivia.
6" long, 5.5" high, 1.5" deep
(Sorry - the horse is out of stock.)

Fish, Horse, Turtle, Whale
$22.00 each

(Sorry - out of stock.)

3D handcrafted wooden Turtle puzzle from La Paz, Bolivia.
6.5" long, 3.5" high, 3.5" deep
(Sorry - the turtle is out of stock.)

3D wooden puzzle from La Paz, Bolivia.
8" long, 4.5" high, 1.75" deep
(Sorry - the whale is out of stock.)

Adriana working on the jointer, creating wooden puzzles in Bolivia. Rodrigo working with the bandsaw in Bolivia, making wooden puzzles.

Adriana (left) works with a jointer, and Rodrigo (right) works with a bandsaw to create these fun wooden puzzles.

Alligator, Dolphin
$24.00 each

3 dimensional wooden puzzle from Bolivia.
Dolphin  ECW:3DPZL-DOL
11" long, 4" high, 1.75" deep
(Sorry - out of stock.)

Alligator 3-dimensional wooden puzzle from Bolivia.
Alligator  ECW:3DPZL-ALL
13" long, 2.5" high, 1.5" deep
(Sorry - out of stock.)

crayon holder.

Painted Wooden Crayon Holder

Although this isn't a puzzle,
this cute crayon holder is crafted
by these same Bolivian artisans.
It can store 8 crayons.
9.5" high, 2.5" wide, 6" long.

More information about our supplier, Ecowoods BO
Social mission: Many Bolivian companies working with wooden products hire only experienced workers under a per-contract, temporary basis when they receive an order. When the order is fulfilled, companies get rid of workers and so these experienced workers again are seeking work. Young people have an even harder time obtaining a stable job because they lack both experience and training.

Rodrigo works with a circular saw to craft 3D wooden puzzles in La Paz, Bolivia.Ecowoods BO works with young artisans coming from poor areas of La Paz, such as El Alto and other suburban districts of the City of La Paz. They have stable work and are paid well over the minimum wage, even if there are no orders to fulfill. A new employee without experience would make 40% over the minimum wage, and an employee with two years of experience inside the company would make almost 80% over the minimum wage.

Bolivian labor law allows any company to work Monday through Saturday. Ecowoods BO works from only Monday to Friday, so many employees study on Saturdays. All workers receive training on woodworking and other topics such as equipment maintenance, motors, electricity, and industrial safety. Both genders have equal opportunity.

Ecowoods BO receives trainees after they are selected by Aldeas SOS and the Municipal Program for Poverty Reduction. Also, many orphans from Aldeas SOS have been received by Ecowoods BO. Everybody is paid for overtime, receives vacations and a bonus equal to a month's salary for Christmas time.

Ecological mission: There are several major companies in Bolivia working with wooden products such as furniture, doors, windows, etc. Some other companies export wood without any added value. In both cases, companies use long pieces of wood whereas the "short" (from one to six feet long) pieces are discarded or even burned because the leftovers do not fulfill the minimum sizes!

Ecowoods BO produces small wooden products, and therefore uses leftovers discarded by the big companies! Only wood that's been legally harvested is utilized. Plus, Ecowoods has started the first steps of certification for the use of sustainable wood.

Your purchase of these fun 3-dimensional puzzles will help provide work for this company that is being such a positive influence for young people in Bolivia, and for our planet's environment! Thank you.

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